29 December 2012



21. Once a devotee forgot how to count the repetitions of the Mantra on his fingers. Mother said, "What does it matter? The purpose of all this is to direct the mind towards God."

22. "Repeating the Name of God a fixed number of times, telling the rosary or counting on fingers, is calculated to direct the mind to God. The natural tendency of the mind is to run this way and that way. Through these means it is attracted to God. While repeating the name of God, if one sees His form and becomes absorbed in Him, one's Japa stops. One gets everything when one succeeds in meditation."

23. "While performing Japa, take the Name of God with utmost love, sincerity, and self-surrender. Before commencing your meditation daily, first think of your utter helplessness in this world and then slowly begin the practice of Sadhana as directed by your Guru."

24. "One should meditate on one's chosen Deity as one goes on making Japa. Inmeditation the face of the chosen Deity of course comes first; but one should meditate on the whole figure, starting from the feet upward."

25. Disciple: "Why is it that our mind is not absorbed in God when we repeat His Name?"

Mother: "It will come about in due course. Even if the mind is not concentrated, do not give up the repetition of the holy Word. You do your duty. While repeating the Name, the mind will get fixed of itself on the ideal, like a candle flame in a place protected from the wind. It is the wind alone that makes the flame flicker. In the same way, our fancies and desires make our mind restless."

26. Disciple: "Mother, why is it that the mind does not become steady? When I try to think of God, I find the mind drawn towards other objects."

Mother: "It is wrong if the mind is drawn towards secular objects. By 'secular objects' is meant money, family, etc. But it is natural to think of the work in which one is engaged. If meditation is not possible, do Japa. Realization will come through Japa. If the meditative mood comes, well and good, but by no means do it by force."

27. Disciple: "Is it of any use to be merely repeating His Name without intense devotion?"

Mother: "Whether you jump into water or are pushed into it, your cloth will get drenched. Is it not so? Meditate every day, as your mind is yet immature. Constant meditation will make the mind one-pointed. Discriminate always between the real and the unreal. Whenever you find your mind drawn to any object, think of its transitoriness, and thus try to withdraw the mind back to the thought of God. A man was angling. A bridal party was going along the road with music. But the angler's eye remained fixed on the float. The mind of a spiritual aspirant should be steadfast like that."

28. "The mind is by nature restless. Therefore, at the outset, to make the mind steady, one may practise meditation by regulating the breathing a little. That helps to steady the mind. But one must not overdo it. That heats the brain. You may talk of the vision of God, or of meditation, but remember, the mind is everything. One gets everything when the mind becomes steady."

29. "If the mind becomes quiet of itself, then what is the need of Pranayama?"

30. Disciple: "Mother, I cannot concentrate my mind in meditation at all,"

Mother: "It does not matter much. ... Look at the picture of Sri Ramakrishna, 
and that will be enough." 

SOURCE: saradadevi.info